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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Who is this plr hustle we've all seen on instagram? Is it real? Is it legit? Is what it promises true?

Well my dear readers, he is simply one of our lucky franchisees. He bought his pre-built PLR website from us and started selling online in less than a few hours. Yes, he is legit and did an excellent job marketing the website we created for him. Who are we? We sell pre-built PLR websites full of digital products ready to be sold.

We give the world a chance to own an online business in less than 24h. If you're looking to have your own PLR website just like the one we built for @plrhustle ( then you've come to the right place! Order your PLR website today: This is the website you will receive:


To start the creation go to the Franchise page:


You will receive it within 5 to 24 hours, built exactly like our website, with all our products and services, ready to generate money.

The potential of the website we offer you is huge and we are confident that you will benefit from a steady gain that will meet your expectations.

The creation of your website includes all our products and services. Everything will be in place and ready for an immediate use. You will be able to start selling our products and services to your future customers in less than 24 hours. Everything is automated so you will invest as little as 2 to 3 hours per day on taking emails, answering customers questions, promotions and adding new products.

After your purchase, you will be contacted to receive login information and you will also receive guidance through your dashboard.

You will be guided on how to use online chat with your customers, how to send marketing emails, how to add new products to your store and much more. It's all very simple. We have members with 0 computer experience running their own PLR eBooks Provider shop so well.

In addition, you will have access to our mobile app allowing you to connect to your website account to communicate with your customers and manage everything directly from your phone. This will allow you to stay up to date with everything that's happening on your site at all times.


This is the website you will receive:


To start the creation go to the Franchise page:



Rick Landry

Official Owner PLR eBook Provider

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